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Subcommittee on history

The publication series of Indigenous Archives Committee


  • Collect historical records, photographs, documents, and images pertaining to indigenous peoples and Pingpu ethnic groups throughout different historical periods.

  • Organize and release information from different historical periods pertaining to historic battles of indigenous peoples and Pingpu ethnic groups, and conflicts between different ethnic groups.

  • Examine the historical of indigenous peoples and Pingpu ethnic groups and make corrections to the Han Chinese people's view of history, and propose recommendations accordingly.


Subcommittee Convener

Lin Su-Chen

Associate Research

Marang Saway

Project Assistant


Related Agencies

Department of Planning, Ministry of Education

Council of Indigenous Peoples

Taiwan Historica

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I know that even now, there are some around us who see no need to apologize. But that is the most important reason why I am representing the government to issue this apology today.

President Tsai Ing-wen

To see what was unfair in the past as a matter of course, or to treat the pain of other ethnic peoples as an unavoidable part of human development, this is the first mindset that we, standing here today, resolve to change and overturn.

President Tsai Ing-wen

The success of one ethnic people can be built on the suffering of another. Unless we deny that we are a country of justice, we must face up to this history. We must tell the truth. And then, most importantly, the government must genuinely reflect on this past. This is why I stand here today.

President Tsai Ing-wen